The most effective way to break in your baseball or softball glove is with a My Remora Sports Glove Pocket Saver

As you know the glove wrap method has been one of the preferred method of breaking in and shaping the
baseball and softball glove to hold it's shape for years.
The Glove Saver Pocket baseball by Remora Sports is the perfect way to keep your glove in perfect shape.
Glove Saver Pocket baseball is designed to take with you at all times with no need to worry about loosing any part
of it, the strap and ball are together as one unit making it the perfect All-N-One solution.


Protect your glove investment with the Glove Saver Pocket baseball by Remora Sports regardless of what your glove cost itís the most important tool of your game having a glove with the pocket shape you need, it could be the game winning factor in your success.

There are many suggested ways to break in your new baseball or softball glove but doing so safely and with a method that will preserve your investments material is the choice you must make.

Using the Glove Saver Pocket Ball on your new or old used glove will help reshape that flat old glove into a wonderful new shape that no other method will do in a short time.

With the Glove Saver Pocket baseball by Remora Sports  method you do not need to apply any chemicals if you prefer not to the glove pocket saver will shape and forum your baseball or softball glove over time on its own.

Applying some type of conditioning oil of your choice will speed up the method but the shaping is all done with the glove pocket saver which you should leave in your glove anytime itís not in use.

Using the glove pocket saver will prolong the shape regardless of where or how you store your glove in your sports bag or trunk of your car and when you go to use your glove the shape will just as you need it perfect!

So regardless your position on the field Pitcher, Infield or Outfield their is a Glove Saver Pocket Ball for you.

The most common general ball is the 12" while other positions on the field may prefer a more open pocket the 14" would be a good choice, for those who prefer a smaller pocket the smaller 10.5" is available.

If you have any questions please follow the links to and use the contact email or call they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




Glove Saver Pocket Ball