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If you have lost data due to one of the following problems I may very well be able to recover the data for  you.

For info Email: email

Boot sector - Root directory -  FAT tables destroyed 

Deleted files

Reformatted hard drives


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December 2008

Company computer took a hit from a transformer and a power serge  took the hard drive out. All the data was recovered from the drive and
saved to a DVD saving all our invoices and book keeping data.

Thanks Shawn

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April 2005

Thanks to Jeff we recovered critical information from our business computer when  the hard drive failed.

Thanks K. B.
Premier Legal Aid

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July 09, 2004  POST

Jeff volunteered assistance when I mentioned lost data on a hard drive
in a post. I had complicated the problem with failed recovery efforts
and some new data written to the drive but Jeff was able to recover most
of the lost files. This included many of the original RAW files that the
images I post on these forums came from and others that I value highly.
Since the Internet quality files aren't suitable for prints this was
great news.

Jeff accomplished the task very rapidly and he also kept me constantly
informed of progress. It would be a vast understatement to say that I am
pleased. Kudos to Jeff Tsuno!

Jeff intends to add data recovery to the other services he offers at his
web site. I'd say he is definitely worth a consideration if anyone finds
himself or herself in need of help in this area.



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